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Wedding Ways to be Eco-Friendly

Are you concerned about the carbon imprint your special day will leave upon this earth? Leaving your wedding guests with a beautiful and memorable ceremony and reception doesn’t mean you can’t go green! Use the following tips to reduce, reuse and recycle your wedding.

Save the Date cards, Invitations and Programs

Purchase recycled paper to print your invitations and programs on or purchase them from someone who does use recycled paper. Check out our invitations pricing page, as we offer many recycled paper styles in both lines, as well as soy based inks, and Birchcraft is using wind power. Send your invitations in a picture attachment to emails when you can. Explain why you are doing this to avoid hurt feelings. Not only will this save paper, but postage costs and the fuel used to transport mailings. Establish a wedding website (most are free) and communicate though that with your wedding party and for RSVP’s from invited guests.

Your Dress

Your mom, grandma, aunt or even that vintage or charity shop downtown may have the perfect dress at little or no cost. Even if it’s not exactly your style, it can be taken to a dressmaker to change it to suit your personality. Renting a dress has become a more popular option now, as well. Why not? We ask our men to do this, and really, are you going to wear it again? You can get a lot more expensive dress by renting, too. Also, look into purchasing or having one made from sustainable fabrics. Lastly, be good to your wedding party and have them help in the selection of their dresses. They need something they will wear again, or even let them select from their own closet, if feasible.

Your Venue and Caterer

Ask them (and all vendors) what they are doing to minimize waste, conserve water and reduce energy use. Are they recycling? Do they use LED or CFL lighting? Can you use the same location for both the ceremony and reception? This reduces your costs, and cuts down on transportation waste. Is your caterer using food from local markets to reduce carbon emissions? Do they use food that is organic, pesticide-free, or cage-free? Ask the cake decorator if they use fair trade sugar and dried fruits. Even if the vendor isn’t doing much now, you could get them thinking. Rent as many things as you can, including linens, silverware, table service, aisle runner and centerpieces.

Flowers and Décor

Using potted plants as your centerpieces are not only lovely, but can be replanted. Find ways to use them for both the ceremony and reception. Choose local, seasonal flowers and let guests take them home. Tree seedlings are a better choice for table favors and can be replanted to replenish oxygen to the atmosphere. As the tree grows in their yard, they will think of your special day!

The Honeymoon

Try a Bed and Breakfast nearby. You’ll feel like you “got away” without the hotel and airfare price. Try taking the train to your destination, too. It’s a great way to connect on your way to the destination and cuts carbon emissions, as well.

Bravo Bride and Green Hanger Shop

Buy never used and slightly used items for your wedding at or . It's like Ebay, but for your wedding. You can then earn some of your expenses back after the wedding by selling your items you no longer want or need.

These are only a few ways to be greener at your nuptials. Keep thinking “outside the box” and I’m sure you’ll find more.

"Earth's the right place for love. I don't know where it's likely to go better." - Robert Frost

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