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Choosing the Right Officiant

Many considerations should go into your decision to choose one officiant over another. The real estate motto of finding the right home is location, location, location. For finding the right officiant, think Reputation, Dedication, Location.

Reputation. Is your officiant someone you feel you can trust with the most intimate ceremony of your life? Do their promises follow up with action? Are they referred by vendors that know them or have glowing reviews from couples that used them?

Dedication. Have they put their couples needs as a priority? What does their website look like? Are they giving you a surplus of time and information? Again, what did prior customers and vendors have to say?

Location. Are they near you or your venue? If not, are they willing to travel there? If you are working from a distance, how are they getting to know you on a personal level? Are they even trying?

These are the foremost elements when considering who will be the celebrante for your special day. Meet with them and come prepared with questions for them. Choosing the right officiant can make your wedding a special memory for years to come!

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