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Jan. 1st Heather & Joshua

Jan. 1st Katy & Peter

Jan. 8th Christine & Greg

Jan. 22nd Katie & JR

Jan. 29th Brandy & Geoff

Feb. 14th Heidi & Patrick

Feb. 19th Linda & Jim

Mar. 27th Sai & Paul

April 1st Erica & Ryan

April 2nd Sherry & Scott

April 23rd Amanda & Peter

May 6th Alex & Brad

May 7th Lauren & Randy

May 9th Laura & Brandon

May 14th Maria & Marc

May 14th Jodi & Luke

May 20th Stacey & Andrew

May 21st Shelli & Eduardo

June 3rd Sarah & Ben

June 4th Cheryl & Steve

June 5th Kristin & John

June 10th Charity & John

June 11th Mary & Glen

June 11th Rae & Lynn

June 12th Tracy & Eric

June 18th Tara & Scott

June 18th Jill & Arumont

June 19th Amanda & William

June 25th Kelsey & Travis

June 26th Jessica & JT

July 2nd Laura & Scott

July 3rd Rachael & Steve

July 8th Debby & Earl

July 9th Kaylee & Branden

July 15th Holly & Daryl

July 16th Nicole & AJ

July 23rd Angela & Mark

July 23rd Laura & Eric

July 30th Jennifer & Dan

July 30th Kim & Steve

Aug. 5th Heather & Jack

Aug. 6th Lindsay & Nate

Aug. 13th Ashley & Dylan

Aug. 19th Jillian & Ryan

Aug. 20th Laurel & Aaron

Aug. 20th Julie & Brian

Aug. 23rd Kelly & Jim

Aug. 27th Audrey & Matt

Aug. 27th Emily & Rich

Aug. 27th Leah & Joe

Sept. 3rd Amanda & Matt

Sept. 3rd Melissa & Brian

Sept. 4th Rana & Mitchell

Sept. 9th Sagan & David

Sept. 10th Erin & RJ

Sept. 11th Megan & Dan

Sept. 16th Kristin & Brent

Sept. 17th Kerry & Adam

Sept. 17th Shannon & Tyler

Sept. 23rd Adrienne & James

Sept. 24th Donna & Adam

Sept. 24th Kari & Edwin

Sept. 24th Susan & Mike *

Oct. 1st Jenny & Nick

Oct. 8th Jenna & Jeff

Oct. 8th Miranda & Ross

Oct. 9th Adrienne & Andrew

Oct. 12th Angie & Don

Oct. 15th Angela & Phillip

Oct. 15th Lisa & Mike

Oct. 16th Susan & Jairo

Oct. 29th Leslie & Travis

Nov. 4th Ruth & Kaleb

Nov. 5th Joy & Rick

Nov. 11th Tina & Paul

Nov. 11th Stephanie & Jeff

Dec. 27th Allison & Paul

* Denotes ceremony performed by Rev. Veronique

What a happy and holy fashion it is that those who love one another should rest on the same pillow.

~Nathaniel Hawthorne

In every marriage more than a week old, there are grounds for divorce. The trick is to find, and continue to find, grounds for marriage.

~Robert Anderson, Solitaire & Double Solitaire

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