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Jan. 9th Juliet & Brock

Jan. 10th Lisa & Victor

Feb. 6th Dolores & Edward

Feb. 9th Sara & Kent

Feb. 14th Samantha & Didier

Feb. 20th Jamie & Shaun

March 6th Sue & Keith

March 16th Rachel & Tom

March 17th Christina & Justin

March 26th Kristin & Paul

March 27th Ivy & David

April 3rd Erin & Rob

April 7th Melanie & Dennis

April 17th Terisa & John

April 29h Kristin & Alan

May 4th Tanya & Sean

May 7th Cheri & Tom

May 8th Jasmine & Ben

May 17th Christy & John

May 21st Ashley & Michael

May 22nd Debi & Scott

May 25th Bailey

May 29th Robin & William

May 30th Jennifer & Larry

May 30th Kristie & Kevin

June 5th Leah & Travis

June 12th Laura & Jay

June 17th Daphne & Steve

June 19th Vanessa & Mario

June 19th Sarah & Gene

June 25th Kim & Ryan

June 26th Erin & Jonathan

June 26th Erin & Marshall

July 3rd Jen & Steve

July 3rd Katina & Wayne

July 10th Rachel & Chris

July 16th Tami & Jerry

July 17th Katina & Blake

July 17th Katie & Bill

July 17th Kari & Matthew

July 24th Karyn & Eric

July 24th Rebecca & Devin

July 30th Samantha & Shane

July 31st Ashley & Tim

Aug. 4th Melanie & Mark

Aug. 7th Keri & Bob

Aug. 9th Jessica & Brian

Aug. 12th Cathrine & Timothy

Aug. 14th Erin & Johnny

Aug. 14th Kelsey & Ryan

Aug. 15th Sara & Skip

Aug. 15th Joanna & Rick

Aug. 21st Katie & Ryan

Aug. 22nd Janelle & Brian

Aug. 26th Amanda & Josh

Aug. 28th Miranda & Richard

Aug. 28th Abby & Jason

Sept. 3rd Cheryl & Rick

Sept. 4th Therese & Larry

Sept. 4th Andrea & Victor

Sept. 5th Amanda & Christopher

Sept. 11th Anne & Joshua

Sept. 17th Christen & James

Sept. 18th Katie & Derrick

Sept. 24th Kiley & Scott

Sept. 25th Marlie & Micheal

Sept. 26th Rebecca & Nathan

Oct. 2nd Amber & Caleb

Oct. 2nd Danielle & Troy

Oct. 9th Kristin & John

Oct. 9th Kate & Brian

Oct. 10th Selina & Ruben

Oct. 10th Kimberly & Nathanyell

Oct. 10th Danael & Jason

Oct. 16th Tiffany & Trevor

Oct. 22nd Jessica & Adam

Oct. 23rd Bonnie & Kevin

Nov. 19th Kaylee & Thomas

Nov. 20th Michelle & Kyle

Nov. 20th B & G - Private before formal

Nov. 25th Tricia & Remington

Nov. 27th Heather & David

Dec. 11th Nerissa & Eric

Dec. 12th Shannon & Rich

Dec. 12th Shannon & Rich

Dec. 21st Linda & Fred

Dec. 23rd Melanie & Dan

"He is blessed in love alone,

Who loves for years and loves but one."

- Sir A. Hunt

"We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

- Sam Keen

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