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Jan. 17th Jennifer & CJ

Feb. 14th Meghan & Rick

Feb. 14th Carrie & Ryan

Feb. 21st Tim & Sherri

Feb. 28th Shawn & Bill

Mar. 7th Danielle & Matthew

Apr. 25th Snjezana & Amir

May 6th Dawn & Eric

May 9th Jade & Ryan

May 9th Crystal & Justin

May 16th Saloomeh & Mark

May 22nd Mary Beth & Chris

May 23rd Michelle & Robert

May 23rd Marilyn & Scott

May 29th Angel & Tom

May 30th Kristen & Juan

June 6th Angeline & Scott

June 13th Jillian & David

June 20th Kaleena & Jeremy

June 20th Stephanie & Michael

June 27th Stacy & James

June 27th Megan & Matt

June 28th Daysha & Ben

July 3rd Susan & Greg

July 4th Amber & Jason

July 9th Becky & Ron

July 10th Stephenie & James

July 11th Amanda & Brian

July 11th Debbie & Jeffrey

July 15th Rebecca & John

July 16th Peggy & Doug

July 17th Jen & Ben

July 18th Heather & Dago

July 18th Courtney & Jason

July 20th Kim & Rudy

July 24th Allison & Jared

July 25th Cindi & Denny

July 26th Jamie & Patrick

Aug. 1st Kellie & Jerry

Aug. 7th Teri & Chris

Aug. 8th Amy & John

Aug. 8th Alisha & Mark

Aug. 14th Danielle & Credell

Aug. 15th Sarah & Mike

Aug. 21st Julia & Jordan

Aug. 22nd Kim & Steve

Aug. 29th Debbie & Steve

Aug. 29th Emily & John

Sept. 5th Elizabeth & Matthew

Sept. 5th Beth & Nate

Sept. 6th Lacy & Jonathan

Sept. 9th Tammy & Dan

Sept. 12th Brittany & Stephen

Sept. 19th Margaret & Matt

Sept. 19th Noel & Jesse

Sept. 25th Lindsey & Ron

Sept. 26th Heather & Zach

Oct. 2nd Mallory & Bobby

Oct. 3rd Lisa & Andy

Oct. 10th Melissa & Lucas

Oct. 16th Kimberly & Kurtis

Oct. 17th Maribeth & Rick

Oct. 17th Jessica & Adam

Oct. 20th Lora & Josh

Oct. 24th Trisha & AJ

Nov. 6th Jennifer & Mark

Nov. 7th Johnara & Steven

Nov. 7th Pamela & John

Nov. 27th Erica & Ricky

Dec. 5th Natasha & Aaron

Dec. 5th Lisa & Shane

Dec. 12th Holly & Scott

Dec. 12th Karyn & Robert

Dec. 18th Keisha & Derick

Dec. 31st Leslie & Brandon

"When one does not love too much, one does not love enough."

~Blaise Pascal

"There is no remedy for love but to love more." -


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